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  1. DORA THE EXPLORER™ water magic - Alphabet

    DORA THE EXPLORER™ water magic - Alphabet


    Help your child learn essential preschool skills with DORA, BOOT , SWIPER and all their friends. Water Magic™ is an exciting educational format that includes four colorful discovery scenes that are magically revealed with the Water Magic™ brush. The engaging activities presented above each scene reinforce the basics of each subject while keeping your child entertained.

    Observe your child learning to their full potential by following these useful tips:

    • Go through each activity with your child and read the instructions aloud
    • Encourage them to try to answer each question, complete search-and-find activities and draw images as prompted on each page
    • Give hints when your child seems stumped (Hints like, "Are there 3 flowers or 4?")
    • Ask them questions related to each activity to ensure they understand (Questions like, " What else is orange?")
    • Praise your child when they answer a question correctly or complete an activity
    • Have fun!

    The colorful scenes that disappear once dried enable your child to repeat the exercises again and again. The "magic" of the re-appearing colorful scenes will keep them coming back for more, ensuring they learn the basics of each subject!

    • 13.8cm x 18.3cm booklet - 13.8cm x 23.4cm board
    • 10 full color pages
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  2. DORA THE EXPLORER™ bilingual wipe clean- Alphabet/L'alphabet

    DORA THE EXPLORER™ bilingual wipe clean- Alphabet/L'alphabet


    Out of stock

      Do. Learn, Wipe, Repeat!

      Use wipe- clean markers or crayons to do the excercises along side DORA. Learn by practicing, don't worry if you dont get it on the first try, wipe off and repeat the exercises again and again until they become easy.

      • To Clean - Wipe off the marker or crayon with a dry, clean cloth. To clean page surface further, use rubbing alcohol or any alcohol-based marker remover.

        • 10.7cm x 26.2cm
        • 26 full colour pages
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  3. Flash Cards - Alphabet

    Flash Cards - Alphabet


    Begin with the letter crads showing the player the side with the picture. Hold up a cardand have the player name the letter and the objevt. After the last card, Flip the deck over and have the player read the letter and the word. Practice long and short vowel sounds with the vowel cards. Shuffle the deck to mix up all the letters and play again. Use the alphabet index card for other game ideas included in the deck. you can play with a partner or on your own! Learn More
  4. Dot-To-Dot



    Children will love solving these fun and educational picture games - There are 45 dot-to-dots in all! First, kids must count the numbers as they connect the dots to reveal the hidden picture. Then the fun continues as they color the drawing they've created! Dot-To-Dot puzzles are a great was to teach the alphabet, object and letter recognition, and they help children develop fine motor skills of hand-eye coordination. Learn More
  5. Alphabet Fun board

    Alphabet Fun board


    Out of stock

    Jumbo “Smart” Boards are reusable, laminated, double-sided boards designed for use with water based markers. These durable learning tools can be used in the classroom, at home or on family roadtrips. Parents and teachers can participate and test children using the blank spaces provided. Children can also test themselves and their friends. A scribble area for calculations is provided to help solve those extra tough problems. Learn More
  6. Water Magic - Alphabet Zoo

    Water Magic - Alphabet Zoo


    Water Magic™ discovery books by Beaver Books Publishing are designed to engage your child while learning essential pre-school skills. Together, kids and parents will enjoy fun and laughs while discovering the alphabet in our Alphabet Zoo. Learn More
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