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"THANK YOU, Beaver Books, for making your books affordable! We don't have a lot of money and we home-educate our children. I can't download and print quality pages like this for the same price! The kids loved choosing books at the dollar tree! I made them put some back because they had already worked those books, but they asked, "Can't we have them just for FUN?" Now, my two-year-old will be going through your books! Actually, your books are BETTER than any of the pricier workbooks. OTHER workbooks only have one work-page per lesson! Your series allows my children to become adept at a skill before moving on. I can't say enough good things (but I WILL, to others, and I hope they will buy your books and benefit, too)."

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your educational materials are. I am a former teacher who is currently tutoring primary children. Your workbook series is a great follow up (and extra homework) to lessons I have worked on with the children. They have been helpful in reinforcing the skills I have taught. The children enjoy working in their books and look forward to receiving new ones. Most of my students are ESL (English as a Second Language) students and their parents find the books very easy to follow and complete. Most important of all, your materials are very affordable. Thank you very much for producing such quality products and making them accessible to all. Please continue the great work and we look forward to seeing more new materials in the very new future."
Kind regards,
Susie M., former teacher

"My name is Tara Jones and I have read my daughter the following books: My Mommy is a Number, My Grandpa is an Owl, My Sister is a Snake, and My Baby Brother is a Werewolf. Thanks for your books. She loves them and wants to read them over and over! "
Tara Jones

I just bought a couple of your wipe clean books and they are awesome. My little girl is only 3 1/2 and traced the letters right away in the alphabet book. Thanks for making these so affordable. You must love children as much as we do."

Hi! I am a home-schooling parent of two children (age 8). They are both dyslexic. They were in a mainstream school until October 2004 and getting nowhere, fast resulting in poor skills and morale.
We have been following the Canadian Dyslexic Simultaneous Multisensory Program, which is a great program. It is, however, a dry program. I have been looking for additional materials to complement it with which would be affordable and fun … VOILA! Beaver Books hits of all places the dollar store. Thank you for having inexpensive great workbooks. My girls love the funny drawings, jokes and of course the fast-paced one-pagers.
I’m excited about your new series (division, multiplication, phonics and stories—wow!) and congratulate you on a great product!
Should you need a tester of materials, please count me in! I know of many home-schoolers with a wide range of age and skill levels who would be more than happy to review.
Nice to see a Canadian company producing great work! Keep it up!
Sue DeRochie, Summerstown, ON

Your Colour-by-Number books for animals around the world has come as a great help.  My son is 9 months old and because of your books, he recognizes some of the animals in it.

Hello Beaver Books.
I was walking through my local dollar store and I came across your books. I was amazed. I bought all of them! I am in college right now studying to be an Education Assistant. I will be working with children who have difficulties in school. When I saw the books I knew that they would be handy to use and perfect for the children. Especially the wipe-clean activity books. Your books will become very handy to me and I will refer my fellow classmates to your website and the store where I purchased the books. I want to say thank you and good luck with the future. I hope to see more Beaver Books on the shelves :)
A Future Education Assistant and purchaser of your books,

To Whom It May Concern,
Hello, my name is Joseph Caskey and I am a kindergarten teacher at Hunters Creek Elementary School in Jacksonville North Carolina. I have just begun my second year of teaching this past Friday and am very excited to try out new ideas this year.
Recently, I purchased three of your workbooks (Printing Fun: for all ages; Fun with Math: Grade K; Phonics: Pre K-K). These books are wonderful and I believe they would be an asset in my classroom. I am writing to see if it would be possible to have permission to reproduce the sheets contained in these books for use in my classroom. If this is not a possibility, I would still like to thank you for your time in addition to putting out such wonderful books. Education is a necessity and I believe that your company is a great tool for educators, parents and children.
Thank you for your time!
Joseph Caskey

To Whom It May Concern,
I just bought two books from your company (Skills Booster Fun with Math and Skills Booster Fun with Reading) at a Dollar Tree Store.  I am a classroom teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District in California.  I bought the books because I thought they were great resource materials for my first-grade class I will be teaching in September.
Thank You!

I am a grade one French immersion teacher in my first year of teaching (with no budget to speak of), and came across your My First Bilingual Books series, which I think is incredible! I'd love to get a class set of each of the 8 books you have available, and am wondering if you offer either a teacher and/or volume discount on them?
Thank you very much. What a great resource!

Sincerely, Sarah Nykoruk


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